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Affiliate Marketers Need This To Reclaim Their Full Control

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Affiliate marketing is one of the toughest businesses out there – but it is also one of the most rewarding when you finally get the recipe just right. One of the biggest hurdles that people come across is realizing that when you send traffic to a site, all too often, that traffic ends up on someone else’s email list.

Now, while you get compensated for your time and effort, you ultimately lose out on the benefit of having an email list that’s yours. It gets worse, however. Say you have a link to someone’s sales page, and you have a customer visiting it but not converting. But just as they leave, they get hit with a freebie offer.

Boom – they’ve got a fresh new addition to their list, and you have nothing. That is, unless you have a copy of LinkMaster, an awesome software program that ensures that every time you send traffic to another site, that traffic stays with you – and prevents others from stealing an addition to their email list at the last minute with a freebie.

With over six different kinds of redirects available and a complete analysis dashboard, this software lets you cloak affiliate links with your own domain name. What’s really impressive is how easy it is to add a new exit redirect link onto sales pages, preventing those vendors from sneakily grabbing your leads.

This is one of those small software programs that will revolutionize your business. Simple and easy to use, this is one to get if you’re looking to grow your email list the smart way without letting others steal your fire.

Link Master review
Rating: 4.8
Reviewed by Michael J. Carter
Date: March 10, 2018


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