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Software Reveals Most Profitable Kindle Niches In Amazon Marketplace

Heard of Kindle, Amazon’s awesome eBook service that’s taken the world by storm? Of course you have – and if you haven’t, you need to learn about it, because Kindle has created millionaires from books alone – and we’re not talking Dan Brown blockbusters, we’re talking about normal books that anyone can put together.

The key is finding the right niche and writing the right books. Now, that requires time and effort, which puts a lot of people off. Kindle Spy essentially makes it a cakewalk. It’s a browser extension, so it has an incredibly low footprint, but that extension can be clicked whenever you are in the Amazon website, and a couple of seconds later, you’ll have a page showing you incredibly detailed data about the current bestselling books.

Sales figures, rankings, titles, prices, all that stuff at a glance. But that’s not the grabber here: the word cloud is. The word cloud shows you at a glance what the most popular subject is at the moment, and what you (or your local friendly ghost writer) need to get writing.

Another awesome feature is the keyword finder. Keywords are vital for a book’s success on Amazon – and with only 7 to use, finding the keyword gold dust is a part of the formula. There is also a 30-day tracker for a more in-depth analysis of a particular book.

The extension is compatible with both Windows and Mac, primarily on the Firefox and Chrome extensions.

If you want to make a killing on Kindle, Kindle Spy is an absolute “must have” tool. It will make your research fly by, leaving you to concentrate on targeting the millions of Kindle readers on the site daily. Go get it today!

Kindle Spy review
Rating: 4.6
Reviewed by Michael J. Carter
Date: August 7, 2016