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Your Own Video Agency In Only 30 Minutes

Instant Video Machine image

With video becoming more and more popular over the internet, businesses are flocking to advertise their services and products online through video – and they’re clamouring for great video makers to help them.

So OK, you’re not a video agency, and you don’t have a camera. But with Instant Video Machine, that doesn’t matter. You can start up your own video agency in less than 30 minutes and start hitting up all your local businesses to offer them professional videos.

It’s really that easy. I should know, because I tried it and it was absolutely ridiculous just how quickly I got cold leads to convert. So, I really think you need to get this off the bat, because the market is hot right now – and you need to get in early.

So, first off, you already get a pre-built website, which will take you just 10 minutes to install. With 25 professional video demos, you already look like a seasoned pro. If you’re starting to feel a bit out of your water, don’t worry, because there’s some intricate step-by-step training to make sure that you know exactly what you’re doing at any step of the way.

Alongside the demos, you also get animations that can be adjusted to fit client’s needs, while local business commercials and logo reveal animations are all done at the press of a button. Now, let’s say that you don’t want to do the customization: maybe you don’t feel confident about it – Instant Video Machine will connect you to Fiverr sellers – who in many cases can do a whole video of customization for just $5.

If you’re looking for a business in a box that’s effortless and taps into a huge market, then this is it.


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