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Green Screen Studio

One of the easiest ways to make videos online is to simply point a camera at yourself and talk. Unfortunately, this usually means your background will be less than awesome. Luckily, a green screen can fix this very easily.

The work simply by standing in front of a literal wall of green – or a canvas of green – and then using editing software to swap out the green for a different background. This technology is used to the most dazzling effect in Hollywood blockbuster movies, but can now be used by just about anyone.

The biggest problem that you might face is not having any decent backgrounds to use with your greenscreen. Luckily, there’s a good solution for that. It’s called Green Screen Studio, and it is a bundle of over 140 full HD video backgrounds, available for use in both MP4 and PNG format. As the name of this bundle suggests, it’s ideal for people who need a high-quality collection of backgrounds for their green screen videos

There’s a huge variety in here to cover all kinds of situations. There are backgrounds like empty meeting rooms, various rooms in a typical North American home, office backgrounds, typical city backdrops and countryside backdrops, gyms, malls, homes under construction, hotels, different kinds of professional offices, warehouses, and more. I can’t cover all the environments here, but there are a lot, and they cover every possible kind of background that you would need in a typical video product, especially for various business types.

You can also get even more with optional upgrades, including promotional templates, intros and outros, lower thirds, titles, live-action mock-up videos, and done for you videos; this first upgrade also gives you a developers license, which means that you can use these backgrounds in projects for your clients.

The second upgrade, also optional, gives you access to a monthly stock club which gives you 7,500 stock videos, 4,000 stock images, 500 audio files, 300 graphic templates, and 100 extra new assets each month. If you’re just starting out and are low on assets, then this is a smart buy. Finally, the third upgrade allows you to resell all of the above and earn 100% commission off the bat.

This is a simple pack that does one thing and does it very well, making it ideal for anyone in internet marketing, but especially for those who are making a leap to work with local clients. Video marketing is in big demand, and these videos help you to offer professional video services even if you have very little experience.

All in all, I can strongly recommend this pack to anyone. It’s comprehensive and can easily give you a full library of stock so you can start making videos with ease. What’s not to love? Check out their website today to view the videos on offer and see how this pack can help you to make more money online.


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