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Graphic Design Academy

The other week, I was reading an article which shocked me. It essentially said that 50% of businesses do their own graphic design. You are likely one of them. While the results might not always look like a world-class designer produce them, they’re good enough and you save money and time.

However, if you are doing it all yourself, you still need tools and knowledge of how to produce something that looks good. That’s not always easy to find, but I was pretty sure that the IM marketplace had something to fit the bill. Sure enough, a new offer came up that pretty much fulfilled everything I had been thinking of.

Did they see the same article I did – or was it a happy coincidence? Either way, it’s now arrived, so let me tell you all about it. Graphic Design Academy is, in a nutshell, a training course that uses the popular over the shoulder method of teaching to show you exactly what you need to do on a computer to effect the training. This specific training shows you how you can create and edit graphics online using free software that’s also available online, making it very useful for people who are on a restricted budget – while there are a lot of incredible resources out there for free, they are often hard to find. This just gives the whole lot to you on a silver platter and shows you how to profit from it!

In particular, you’ll be using an online tool called DesignBold. In many ways, this is a crash course toward expertise with this online tool, showing you everything you need to know about getting the most out it (and how to monetize that for your business or your clients’ business). What’s more, of course, is the fact that you won’t need to dig deep down into your pockets to pay for super-powerful but super-expensive graphics editing tools.

While this is primarily a video training course, you’ll also get a sales page, a thank you page, and professional graphics for your website, along with audio and PDF transcripts of the training. If you’re wondering about the sales page, remember: this is a PLR (Private Label Rights) opportunity, which means that you can rebrand and resell this entire course as yours while pocketing all the profits – not bad, huh?

What’s notable here is that unlike many other PLR products, this is really designed for people who are interested in learning more about the subject and not simply reselling to others using the PLR license. In turn, that means that the course itself is a very good and educational one to take – even if you have no interest in DesignBold, you’ll find yourself learning a lot of things about IM which will help you to expand your own knowledge and vision. All in all, this is a powerful piece of kit that I strongly suggest you get.


Sales Page Preview