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World’s Worst Squeeze Page That Will Give You A Heart Attack

FunnelKit image

Squeeze pages and landing pages are absolutely vital if you want to get your email list up and running and your products flying off the virtual shelves like hot cakes. There’s just one problem – there’s a lot of creators out there that simply don’t offer a great end product.

You know, it’s the little things. Your autoresponder won’t click with it, or it won’t let you use that awesome background image, or even worse, the admin back office is a nightmare of confusion. Happily though, these days are over with the introduction of FunnelKit.

When these guys set out to create FunnelKit, their priority was to make this user-friendly (newbie? No problem!), as customizable as possible and 100% compatible with some of WordPress’ more fiddly aspects. In short, creating your landing page just got super easy.

The features alone are incredible, web 3.0 stuff: geographic targeting means that anyone viewing your page will see your offer as local to their city, country and even what browser they are using. Depending on how much targeting you want, you can choose the level of targeting – all the while generating a unique page.

My favorite feature has to be the YouTube video background. Instead of a static picture, you can have a video background that adds a ton of interest, while giving you complete control over your background, all with the simple use of a YouTube link.

Combined with a smooth back office and even more smooth integration into a host of networks including Empower, Pure Leverage and Dot Coom Secrets X among others, this is an absolute best – and this isn’t even a fraction of what FunnelKit offers.


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