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5 Stunning Websites To Hear Free Music

Nowadays, music lovers all over the world are searching for ways to listen to the latest songs or songs from the past for free. Although online music applications like Pandora Radio and Slacker Radio offer around the clock radio stations that are previously generated or are formed according to your specific taste, it is much better to have downloaded music available whenever you are unable to connect to the internet. But where can you access free music? Keep reading for the list of the top 5 websites to find free music.

Bearshare is a site that offers free MP3 downloads that are completely legal and safe to download on your computer. The program offers downloads that support both iPod and MP3 players. Not only are you limited to downloading music, but you can also take advantage of the downloadable videos available on the site. There are over 20 million songs and videos from a wide variety of genres that can be downloaded.

Free Music Archive (FMA)
FMA is a musical library with great quality and legal downloads. The site, run by the freeform radio station WFMU, allows you to download musical content that can easily be heard on the radio station. Files come in an MP3 downloadable format with a wide range of genres, including instrumentals.

NoiseTrade is one of the top 5 websites to find free music that prides itself on its business of sharing free downloads through the generosity. New and aspiring artists are able to utilize the site as a means of getting their music into the ears of other artists and labels. Single songs and entire albums can be shared or downloaded. Although downloads are free, you are encouraged to leave monetary tips for artists who have succeeded in satisfying your entertainment needs.

SoundClick, founded in 1997, features a variety of artists, both discovered and waiting to be discovered. It offers legal MP3 downloads from many genres and allows for downloads straight from the pages of the featured artists. Not only can you download free music, but you can also upload your own music and make it available for being downloaded as well.

Jamendo allows music lovers to search a database that has thousands and thousands of downloadable music from independent artists. Not only does the site provide you with free and legal downloads, but Jamendo is one of the top 5 websites to find free music that provides free music streaming that are unlimited. This is another site that is provided with downloadable music straight from artists. If you are unsure of what to download, you can take advantage of the radio stations available on the site, and when you hear a song that you like, you can click the option to download the file.

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