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5 Awesome Websites To Watch Free Movies

This is the list of the top 5 places to find free movies online now something we have to mention is this list could expire at any time, The Internet is in a constant state of flux so websites that are number one today could disappear into obscurity in a few days like MegaShare, but that is a topic for another conversation. Today we are going to review some of the most popular sources of free movies online, but a little disclaimer, we are not encouraging people to break the law. If the movies are being streamed for free then it should be fine but do not try to store these movies inside your computer for distribution, with that out of the way it is time to begin the review.

Hulu is exclusively available in the United States but if you have access to a proxy server inside the USA you will be able to watch all of your favourite movies and videos for free. While Hulu has a large library of videos it is not the only source of free movies on the Internet but since it is free you cannot beat the price.

This is one of the more popular sources of free movies on the Internet. The website has links to thousands of titles both recent and classic. One of the major benefits of using Solarmovie is having relatively quick load times and good picture quality which is not always easy to find when sourcing for free movies online.

Along with Solarmovie the Putlocker website has one of the largest and most comprehensive movie libraries on the Internet. They do not try to spam you with malware either while watching the movies. You may have to try more than one link before you find the best video/sound quality but if you are looking for a hard to find movie you will most likely find it on Putlocker.

Movie4k is one of the lesser known sources of free movies on the Internet which is great news if you are looking for quick load times and rapid streaming. The website boasts one of the most extensive libraries on the Internet and we tend to agree, they do have a vast array of international movies to choose from.

Do not let the layout of the website deceive you, this website has a vast array of movies to choose from so rest assured if you are looking for the latest movies you will find them on this website just remember to comment on any broken links since the website is maintained by viewers like you and me.

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