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5 Marvelous Websites To Get Free Fonts

In the olden days handwriting of a person mattered a lot, especially when it came to documentation or presenting information. Now, when keyboards have taken over the place of pens, the font has become important. The font doesn’t just impart apt look to the content, it also represents the type of the information. For example, formal documents have simple and plain font, while creative text can have trendy and unconventional font. By not using the right kind of font you render formal content inappropriate and creative text boring.

By default, text editors come with some fonts. However, you might not always be satisfied with the variety that is given. You can get free fonts over the internet, as well as paid ones. Here are the top 5 websites to get free fonts:

Font Squirrel
Font Squirrel hosts a number of interesting downloadable fonts free of cost. The highlight of this website is that the fonts are readily usable for commercial purposes. The quality of the fonts is commendable too. You will find limited selections when compared to many other free font websites. However, due to the careful selection principle followed by the site, the ones that are available are very appealing.

Dafont is one of the most sought out font download sites. In addition to being free of cost, the variety available is vast. The best feature of this website is that it has a very easy search process. You don’t have to go through numerous navigations to find the font you desire to download. Also, the fonts that are available are rather unique and will add value to your content for sure.

1001 Free Fonts
As the name suggests, this website hosts loads of font styles; actually greater than 1001 in number. The most appealing quality of this website is that the preview it provides is large in size. If you are very particular about the font pattern you want, then this is the site to visit because the selection is so huge that you will surely get a style that matches your expectation.

Font Space
The unique quality of this website is that the fonts are actually uploaded by multitude of users from across the globe. You get umpteen options to choose from, plus you can compare previews of various fonts and make an appropriate selection.

Urban Fonts
This website features several fonts that are truly urban and contemporary. Of course you’ll find the generic fonts too. The speciality of the preview is that you can verify your fonts with different background colours. This is most suited when you are selecting fonts for your websites or blogs.

There are other free font websites as well which you can try out. However, ensure that you choose to download from a site that allows you to preview and doesn’t have hidden costs on downloads.

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