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5 Amazing Websites To Get Free Downloads

In this technologically advanced age we live in we depend heavily on our computers and other devices. There is simply no way around it: Whether you end up doing it out of necessity or for fun you will end up needing downloads, and not just a few; you’ll need many over time.

The problem is that you can end up spending an atrocious amount of money for downloads which you can get for free on quality, secure sites! Below is a list of the top free download sites for the five main download areas of need: Security, eBooks, Music, Games, and Torrents.

Here, you’ll find countless downloads to do with software for your computer. Take for example, Malwarebytes Antimalware. With a consumer rating of 4.5 stars Malwarebytes Antimalware 2.0 is considered the finest free security software download available online. Protective features include previous root scan integration, Safe Mode scanning and installation, improved level of user-friendliness, malware-attack resistant “Chameleon” technology, and the software passed all testing conducted on its security features with flying colors. While there is no attack protection in “real time” the protection provided is highly effective and amazingly dependable. When compared with all other free security software downloads this takes it hands down. This is just a taste of the amazing selection available to you on CNET

All Games A to Z
If you are a gamer at any level you know how easy it can be to really get ripped off on games, and in more ways than one. Even the wrong free download can really bring bad consequences, so you really want a dependable free download site from which to browse and obtain games. All Games A to Z has literally that, and you won’t find yourself scammed in any way. The games are clear, dependable, and fun to play, and the downloads they offer are not only secure they are really free.

Jamendo offers one of the largest selections of free downloadable music on the Internet. Catering not only to lovers of music, but to artists as well, Jamendo is the ideal secure free music download site. Not only can you find an endless supply of your favorite tunes for free, but Jamendo offers other music related services as well.

The Pirate Bay
To put it simply a torrent is basically a file that travels constantly across a very large network. The file can only be downloaded if its parts are being uploaded simultaneously by another user. While all of this can sound quite confusing it doesn’t change the fact that free torrent downloads have become one of the most popular, free way to get your hands on that program you have been looking for.

Free Book Spot
If you are a reader than having a good book available when you need it is as essential as the air we breathe. Fortunately for you there is no need to keep shelling out your hard-earned funds to enjoy your favorite pastime; FreeBookSpot has an abundance of great downloadable eBooks available to you for free.

Stop spending your money for downloads which you are able to get safely and free of cost. There are safe, secure free download sites offering anything you could possibly want or need online. Take advantage of what there is for you by checking out the sites above. Have fun and save money!

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