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5 Incredible Websites To Discover Free Apps

There are a number of third party sites out there to download apps for your iPhone, iPad, and Android phone/table. You can stick with the regular app store on your device or you can go to a third party site to find them. Here is a shortlist of five great sites to find free apps.

Appitalism is a website that calls itself the Social App Superstore. The users of the website determine what the best apps out there are. They feature paid apps as well as free ones and have a multitude of different apps for you to download for free. The website is simple and easy to use and the apps are separated into different categories.

AppRob is a site that has apps for all the major platforms. There are Android, iPad, and iPhone apps available through the website. There are recommendations and different categories on the website as well as a number of informative articles. The website looks great and is easy to navigate and find the app that you want. It’s a great little site filled with a lot of free apps. Having all the platforms available is another plus.

1Mobile is like a typical appstore as well as a website. The website looks like a professional app store website and it’s filled with free apps and paid apps. The apps are split up into different categories and they have a section dedicated to the top apps, listed by ratings and downloads. You can also download the store itself to your device as an app for easy access and use on your tablet which is a plus because that’s very convenient.

Opera Mobile Store
Opera Mobile Store used to be the Nokia Store. Opera Mobile took over and works with Microsoft to provide the best apps in an easy to use manner. Even though they’re partnered with Microsoft they also provide apps for iOS and even Blackberry devices. There’s a lot of functionality and with all the cross platform support there’s a lot to enjoy about the Opera Mobile Store. The Opera Mobile Store is run by the Opera company who provide the Opera Internet browser so you can trust that they know what they’re doing.

Mobango looks and feels like a legitimate app store in website form. All the apps are organised into categories such as games and apps and then those categories are further sorted into genres and functionality. You can also join the website to add apps to your wishlist and keep track of the apps you’ve downloaded from there. Mobango also has an installable app for easier download and faster speeds.

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