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Five Dollar Posts

Let’s face it; Facebook is the most reliable source of targeted traffic. This is because almost everybody is on Facebook and their ads are still the highest converting if don’t right. But Facebook seems to be tightening things up for marketers. You might have heard about marketers who have been banned from Facebook without warning. The current trend also has been that they are selling fewer ads at higher prices and this means that if you are not extracting as many leads as you can from Facebook while opportunities are still there, you are missing a lot. Now you can learn how to take advantage of Facebook ads and make money in any niche, at any time and with relative ease. Just download this “Five Dollar Posts,” a quick start training that will show you how to convert as little as $5 Facebook ads into hundreds or even thousands of leads per day.

In this core training for Facebook advertising secrets, you will discover three simple steps to implement any online marketing program successfully, how to legally steal and use some of the most effective Facebook advertising secrets from the experts, why it is so important to know your numbers, getting the maximum returns from your Facebook marketing, a sneaky way to monetize your list and then get a case study about how to make thousands of dollars out of a small list.

Further, you will discover the best online resources for creating a powerful sales funnel, where to find resources for a sales copy and easy ways of overcoming any buyers’ resistance. Learn how to get much more traffic on your ads, how to avoid “uneven delivery pacing” and how to increase “high relevance scores” for your FB ads. Discover why you shouldn’t delete negative responses on your ad, how to avoid being banned, steps to take in case your account is banned, ways of scaling up your winning FB ads, four bidding guidelines you won’t want to overlook, plus so much more.

This is the ultimate guide to Facebook marketing. It will help you reap maximum profits from your efforts

Save you time & money when working on Facebook

Help you make money in any niche and with relative ease.

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