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Find And Replace – Instantly Modify Thousands Of Web Pages

Managing and keeping hundreds or thousands of pages updated and relevant can be challenging. It is also tedious and time-consuming to visit all your pages one by one and maybe correct a mistake or even make changes- and that’s why many people keep on postponing it and lose out profits they could be enjoying. But now you can slash the time you take to edit/update your web documents to minutes by using “Find And Replace” software to instantly modify thousands of web pages.

This software works in four simple steps: enter the text/information you want to find, type its replacement text, select the files you want to have it replaced, then click “replace,” and you are done! This tool can find text/information anywhere on your computer or web server at lightning speed. It has an optional backup to ensure you don’t lose your data while replacing; it removes all blank spaces that can prevent CGI script from functioning and it does all these with only a few clicks of the mouse. Plus, it comes with a user guide with simple, step-by-step instructions to ensure you won’t have troubles working with it.

It will save you countless hours that you usually use while manually editing your files

Updating your websites will never be a headache and will never hold your business growth back again

Download your copy now and have this amazing in your marketing arsenal!

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