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Professional, Mobile-Ready Facebook Pages in Minutes

Fan Boom – If there’s one thing that every business needs right now, it’s more. More sales, more customers, more fans, more traffic, more revenues, more profits, more likes, more retweets…

You get the idea – and the idea behind Fanboom is to make it super-easy to create mobile-ready, professional-looking opt-in sales pages in a matter of minutes. In short, Fanboom wants to help you get more Facebook likes, followers and friends.

Facebook is a marketer’s dream, of course, allowing you to fine tune your advertising to extraordinarily specific demographics – but creating the content for those demographics is largely down to you.

Fanboom makes this easier by giving you 37 themes that look gorgeous on mobile, while adding a plethora of simple content customization from forms, videos and buttons to timers and slideshows – and publishing to Facebook is quite literally just one click.

Fanboom also offers full autoresponder integration, which is great for those times when you’re away from your work, and it’s also good to know that its fully compliant with the terms and services of Facebook unlike some other programs, which have caused marketers many problems in the past.

If you’re planning to use Facebook as a main advertising and marketing traffic generator, Fanboom is the best program out there right now, and looks set to be for quite some time. Not only does it make content creation easy, it can run on autopilot after you’ve spent an afternoon tweaking everything to your satisfaction.

What’s not to like? There’s no need to learn any complicated coding, no need to hire a graphic designer, no need to develop any kind of dynamic content – it’s all included with Fanboom. I’ve been thrilled with my results, and I know you will be too. Fanboom gets a huge “like” from me!