There Are A Million Ways To Make A Million Dollars. Here's One!

Facebook Timeline Optins

Everybody says that money is in the list, but it’s the process of getting the list that makes many wannabe marketers get stuck. Of course, you can have a squeeze page, but it’s useless if you can’t get people to see it and that’s why it becomes almost impossible to have a big list without forking out cash to buy traffic. Free traffic could be an alternative but as a beginner, it’s not easy to generate organic traffic. To many marketers, this becomes a tall order and they keep on going round circles until they quit.

If you are struggling to build a list, think about this – would it not be easier if you discovered how to put your squeeze page where the real traffic is? Yes and that is on Facebook! With “Facebook Timeline Options” you can now build a list by filling out a simple form and share. It’s simple – just create a post in less than 30 seconds, add graphics & video code, autoresponder settings and redirect URL. When the promotional video plays it will be a “teaser” to the viewer and they will click the customizable opt-in form which will be appearing at preset intervals. When a visitor opts in, you get their names and email address and then redirect them to any URL of your choice.

It’s never been this easy to build a list and will thus save you time & money.

You can use Facebook Options in any niche and easily build a huge buyer list.

No more need to spend money to drive traffic to your squeeze pages, no need to build a website or spend hours struggling with confusing SEO methods.

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