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Making Money Using Nothing But Your Email Subscriber List

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If the money is in the list, then as a marketer you have to figure out how to get it out. Whenever someone spends time collecting email addresses to mail to, they usually have the intention of keeping in contact with those people. If done correctly the recipient will know in advance that they are going to receive informational emails as well as offers for really useful products and services. There are a lot of great ways that a marketer can earn money from their list. Here are 7 ways to make money using nothing more than your list.

1. Advertisements
There is an unlimited number of companies that are willing to pay for you to add their advertisement to your emails. Although selling or renting out your list is not a good idea, you can strategically add some advertisements to the mails that you send to your subscribers. Ideally you would make sure that the products being advertised actually correspond with the niche that covers the list.

2. Affiliations
This goes hand in hand with advertising. When you are affiliated with another company, you make a link along with a description of what is on offer available to your subscribers for that other company. When your subscribers click through to visit their website, the other company would pay you for that click. This is also known as Pay for Performance advertising.

3. Negotiate deals
Similar to being affiliated with another company, you can negotiate terms with other companies so that you can send your subscribers to their website. Instead of getting paid to send them there, you negotiate a commission percentage for each sale made by one of the subscribers that you sent to their site. You might negotiate for payment in products or services rather than money in some cases.

4. Offer products on consignment
If you would rather not direct your subscribers to another website, you could sell another companies products on consignment. You would advertise the products on your site and provide descriptions and everything. You would take the order for the product and then once you are paid you order it through the other website on your subscriber’s behalf. You basically become the middleman.

5. Sell your own products
One of the easiest ways to make money with your list is to sell your own products to them. Generally you can create digital products fairly easily. Once you have a list just create an ebook, manual, or a bunch of how-to articles and bundle them up and present your offer. A lot of people will buy information on a subject that they are really interested in.

6. Grow your list
There are a lot of ways to grow your list. By adding people to it you are adding opportunity for new people to make purchases from you. The bigger your list is, the more opportunity there is. It sounds simple because it really is.

7. Create a membership
There is no denying that people will pay to get trusted information. You can set up a membership newsletter whereby people who sign up to your list are actual paying members of the newsletter. You would write new articles often and share proprietary information with the people on your list. You would have to make sure that the quality of the information you made available for your list was of high perceived value so that people will actually pay.

The number of ways to earn revenue from an email list of subscribers is limited only by your imagination. Try these 7 ways to make money with your list and keep track of what works for you. Provided you take care of your list and treat them with respect they will continue to follow you and purchase the offers that you place in front of them.

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