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Email Marketing Kickstart Workshop

The best thing about email marketing is that it is a sure way of making a totally passive income. Who doesn’t like to be waking up every morning and just cross to a corner of their living room to check how much money they made last night from an email their send out before going to bed? This is the beauty of email marketing and that is why you often hear people saying that money is in the list. But of course, the success or failure of any email marketing campaign depends on how well you have built your list and your email marketing campaign.

In this “Email Marketing Kickstart Workshop”, you will get a chance to watch over the shoulders as you are being shown how to create an email marketing system that builds a relationship with your subscribers while making you money. You will discover the things you need to put in place before getting started, ways to create an email swipe file that you will be using as a reference guide to get ideas for emails to create, how to plan your email campaign and also get to understand the “big five” emails. You will also be given ready emails campaigns that you can start and use to create your own, get to see how to upload your autoresponder and space out your emails, simple ways to keep money coming again and again, plus so much more.

–¬†Imagine making easy money from every email you send out.

–¬†Imagine enjoying totally passive income and having all the time to enjoy with your family or doing the things you love.

–¬†Imagine being able to make money in any niche and not having to waste time with common mistakes that many marketers commit.

Well, now you can do all these and much more by learning from these tested and proven techniques from a first-hand experience.

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