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Email Black Ops with Michael Cheney

Email marketing is still the most powerful and reliable way of making money online. And unlike what is being peddled out there by so-called gurus, you don’t need to have a big list to make big money. In fact, you can easily be making thousands of dollars in commission every month with just a handful of people on your list. You just need to know how to do it, how to time your emails and how to version them for high-click through and conversion rate. The good this is that this isn’t a rocket science- get this secret email formula that you can use to get more opens, more clicks, and more sales without working harder. This Email Black Ops with Michael Cheney comprises of closed-door video-based training in which you will discover every tip, trick, and strategy of minting thousands of dollars from email marketing.

You will discover how to make simple emails send you truckloads of cash, what to write in your subject lines if you want to generate most sales and the time of the day you should be sending emails. You will also discover one of the easiest ways ever invented for writing an email, how to make more commission without putting more effort, and also get a secret email domination blueprint which will 100% guarantee you of more opens, clicks, and sales. Then you will get 11 examples of how to guarantee your emails are read every single time, a stealth way to get people “hooked” to your emails, how to counteract list-fatigue, who to get fence sitters to start buying and so much more.

This is the most comprehensive email marketing training that you will ever come across. It’s a real game changer because every strategy in it is tried and proven. It will thus help you:

– Start making more conversions

– Create a pool of rabid followers

– Be making money in any niche by replicating the taught techniques

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