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Effective Blog Widgets

There are very many ways of making your blog content easily shareable and increase the number of views/visitors you get. Incorporating interactivity features is the most popular option because it would lead to repeat customers, help generate viral traffic and also contribute to a higher ranking on SERPs. Widgets and plugins are becoming a popular option for increasing interactivity because they make a site more shareable, more user-friendly and also enhance its structure in terms of design and accessibility by visitors. Adding these small accessories could have a huge impact on your site traffic flow and profits- and thus, if you are struggling with a dormant blog, it’s time you learn how to do this. Just get this special guide, “Effective Blog Widgets” that explains everything you need to know about widgets and plugins.

In it, you will find out where to look for widgets and plugins, as well as how to embed them directly into your blog post and the most popular plugins that are useful in different platforms (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Blogger). Learn also about Homepage excerpts, Twitter tools, Link harvest, popularity contest, ad rotator, and custom sidebars. How to add and rearrange different widgets on your blog sidebar to show your Pages, Recently Written posts, Your Categories, Monthly Archives, Blog Roll, Admin and so on, and you will also learn everything about productivity, optimization, content amplification, feedback, conversion, analysis plugins and different ways of using them, adding new functions to your blog’s sidebar– recent posts, search box and calendar– and increase its interactivity, the most recommended widgets and plugins, the best practices in the social media industry and so much more.

In a nutshell, this guide will help you discover the secrets of using widgets and plugins, and with this knowledge, you will easily:

– Increase the traffic flow to your site

– Increase social media interaction

– Make your blog more user-friendly see your popularity rise without having to work harder

– Develop yourself into a reputable online brand effortlessly and cost effectively.

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