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Easy Funnels 101

A list and a sales funnel go hand-in-hand. This is because it’s your sales funnel that allows you to profit or break even while building a list. It allows you to afford ads, ad swap your list if you would like and allows you to maximize the revenue you make per customer. That is just an iceberg tip of how important a sales funnel is. Unfortunately, many so-called gurus courses and training don’t teach it exhaustively and that is why many marketers are still struggling to make money online despite buying one course after another. Now you can break away from this by getting this “Easy Funnels 101”, a step-by-step course that teaches how to set up sales funnel from start to finish.

You will be taken through exactly what a sales funnel is and why you need one, three things it must have, how to get good product ideas, what makes a great offer, creating effective squeeze pages and best ways to deliver products. Learn also how to create PDFs for your eBooks and reports, recording video products, different WP themes you can use, product types that sell as OTO and add-on products, how to increase your customer value, how to increase customer value on backend separate from initial, understanding EPC and customer value so as to scale up your business with ease, how to monetize download pages with related offers, and so much more.

– This comprehensive sale funnel course will help you join the league of super effective online marketers

– You will easily zoom past the competition in any niche and establish your online empires

– So, stop wasting time and money on trio and error, learn the secrets of an effective sales funnel.

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