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Create High Converting Special Offers On Autopilot

There’s one thing that everybody loves, from the poorest of people to the flashiest of billionaires – and that’s a deal. Bargains are bargains, after all, and that glow of satisfaction getting a great deal on a product is something we take advantage of as marketers.

Easy Deal Builder makes those deals even easier to create – and even throws in autopilot features meaning all you have to do is set up the deal and wait for the rabid customers to snap those offers up.

There’s lots of stuff in this software to admire. It is highly customizable and offers just about everything you need to make an attractive deal: countdown timers, a bevy of social media sharing buttons to help make your deals go viral, and social proof (visitor counters).

Graphically, you can choose from a bunch of attractive and modern themes, and there’s lots of graphics you can use. You can specify different areas of the page, such as a dual header, a showcase area that gives your deal its place above the fold to shine, and under the fold, you can have up to five separate tabs all cheerleading your deal. Not just written content, either: videos, images and maps can be used to full effect for a visually interesting, information-rich page that really hammers your deal home.

The back office offers unlimited deals, SEO aid, multiple currencies, after-sales pages, a range of statistics and options to tweak the countdown. There’s a lot more here, but there’s simply not enough room to go through it all!

With the ability to create multiple deals and a back office that offers a staggering amount of options, this is a vital tool for any marketer who wants to make their deals stand out.

Easy Deal Builder review
Rating: 4.7
Reviewed by Michael J. Carter
Date: May 24, 2018