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Transform Blogs Into A Viral Video Empire

Covert Video Press image

If you’re not promoting your products and services with video, you’re leaving a significant amount of money on the table. With fast internet now the norm and video players in everybody’s pockets, video marketing has taken off in a big way – and people love to watch.

Just think about how many videos you see and how widespread they are. You might be thinking that creating online videos requires a whole lot of resources you don’t have, but you don’t necessarily need to create a video – just to take advantage of the fact that videos are a hot commodity today.

Covert Video Press is a simple WordPress tool that makes it almost ridiculously easy to setup your very own “tube” site as well as integrate with some of the internet’s most popular sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.

As a WordPress plugin, all the usual customization options are there allowing you to get your site design exactly how you like – and there’s even a smart editor that will search for the best videos for your site depending on your keywords and other key data.

In other words, you don’t need to make a single video: instead, you get to cherrypick from the finest videos available. It’s ridiculously simple to use and you will be able to set up and entire site in just a couple of hours!

Covert Video Press is a great tool for internet marketers. Affiliate marketers will love the ability to swipe from a huge amount of reviews and more, video marketers can leverage some of the very best out there and everyone else? The only limit is your imagination. Go check out this amazing plugin today and be sure to snap it up!


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