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Point & Click Profit Pulling Viral Affiliate Stores

Covert Store Builder image

Building a store used to be something of a herculean undertaking. If you weren’t a coder with great design skills, then it was going to cost a lot of money – and even after you had a site up and running, everything had to be pretty much manually done… and back in those days, ecommerce was only just coughing into life.

Now? Thanks to tools like Covert Store Builder, a WordPress plugin, it’s as easy as ABC – even for people who don’t know the first thing about design or programing! It’s ridiculously easy to create an attractive ecommerce website with this tool.

Instead of spending hours learning complex code, you can use a simple point and click interface to get every area of your new ecommerce website looking exactly as you visualize it, and even comes with a load of themes for fast builds.

You’ll also find that this plugin has been designed with full ecommerce in mind, and has a lot of extra features. You’ll love how easy it is to link up with your favorite autoresponder, and enjoy how easy it is to sell products from Amazon and other large players on your site – along with some features that have been directly borrowed from competitors, such as a wishlist.

Add in social media integration and comments, and you have a winning formula that has been proven, tried and tested by huge ecommerce companies with multi-million dollar budgets, all ready for you to use on your store. That’s pretty awesome!

Covert Store Builder makes it super simple to create several ecommerce stores – or even just one – for all of your businesses and niches, and it makes it as easy as possible. If you want to take advantage of the ecommerce boom, this is a tool that lets you do it the fast, smart way. Go grab it right now!


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