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Social Media Traffic & Backlinks For Any Website

Google uses a lot of factors when it comes to ranking your websites, and the more boxes you tick, the quicker you’ll find your site on the coveted #1 spot. Social media isn’t a flash in the pan, and a great social media presence isn’t just good for eyeballs on your product – it’s also a surefire way to get Google and other search engines to view your website as a useful, trusted resource that deserves a higher place in the search engine ranks.

Convert Social Buzz is an awesome WordPress plugin that you can install in a few minutes. This simple plugin blows the lid off those social media sharing buttons, giving you a huge amount of customization options, allowing you to get the look you want.

Now, social media sharing buttons have been around for some time, but they generally suffer from being invisible. Sure, they’re everywhere, but they look the same and who really uses them? That’s the issue that Covert Social Buzz attacks by making a different kind of social media sharing tool.

Unlike the others, Cover Social Buzz shows a ticking counter, which naturally draws in the eye – and you can show the real amount of shares or a fake number. In short, you get a powerful tool that, along with its customization options, allows you to make up the rules.

If you’re looking for social proof for your blog but can’t quite get the numbers, Covert Social Buzz is, without a doubt, an invaluable tool. Not only does it grab the eye, you can tell a few white lies to encourage sharing – and that alone will get the real shares coming faster than you could guess!