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A Messenger That Forces Visitors To Click Your Links

Covert Messenger – If you’re running a blog, one of the biggest questions you likely ask yourself daily is “how can I get more clicks?” or “how do I get people to stay on my site?”

There’s so many answers to this question, and Covert Messenger is one of the best out there. The company themselves call it “evil”, and having seen it in action, I’m inclined to agree – Covert Messenger is evil, but the best kind of evil. The too much success kind of evil.

So, what is it? Its essentially a pop-up that’s designed to look like an instant messenger notification – you might opt for Yahoo! Messenger or MSN Messenger, or another template, but the pop-up genuinely does look like one.

Instead of having a friend, though, you’ve got your ad in there, and this is where it gets interesting. Everyone is already trained to automatically read and respond to a messenger, so what you put in that box is going to get read – and convert.

Now, this is where you decide how to move forward: offer a freebie, tell them about an amazing discount, link to an offer, show off a testimonial, inquire about what they want…

For a simple plugin, this is pretty awesome. On websites where I tested Covert Messenger, I was surprised to see just how much longer visitors were spending on my website. No matter what kind of message I trialed, the ads were converting. No matter if it was genuine interest in the offer or simply thinking it to be a message from a friend, people were visiting where I wanted them to go – and my sales went up.

This is definitely something you’ll want to try. This is one of the best plugins out there, and it does everything it says and more.