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Triple Your Clicks, Leads + Sales with Copy & Paste

Covert Geo Targeter image

With an incredible amount of people already using smartphones and mobile internet devices – and a number that is still rising, there’s little surprise that geotargeting has become popular with internet marketers. Simply put, you can really, really target people on their location.

Facebook and Foursquare are two such social media sites that make great advantage of geotargeting – you can tell people where you are at any one given time. Just imagine the potential for laser-targeted, red hot marketing opportunities!

Oh, and Google loves it too. Time to jump on the bandwagon already.

Covert Geo Targeter is a plugin for WordPress that lets you use geotargeting really simply. Essentially, it’ll automatically change locations in your copy to their location, which automatically makes your offers stand out – after all, it’s not every day most people’s hometowns come up, making them pay more attention.

Covert Geo Targeter also allows you to use it with other plugins, custom menus and pretty much any other area of your website, so there will be no glaring anomalies. To your visitors, you really are a local service.

It’s incredibly easy to install like all WordPress plugins, and using it is a breeze too. Hands down this is the best plugin for geotargeting out there right now, and if you are looking into this hot new marketing method and need to incorporate it into your blog, then this is the simplest, easiest solution out there right now.

In short, go get Covert Geo Targeter. It’s revolutionary, it’s at the forefront of marketing, it’s what you need.


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