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Double Your Social Traffic In 7 Seconds

Covert Copy Traffic image

If you could double your social traffic in just 7 seconds, what would you do? I think you’d probably take it, right?

Covert Copy Traffic is another home run from IM Wealth Builders that is essentially a plugin for WordPress that automatically detects when people copy anything from your WordPress blog. The magic happens next, when this plugin automatically includes not just the URL of that copy – but also a personal message, each and every time someone shares or pastes that snippet on social media, emails, forums and other websites.

The 7 seconds of work? Well, you have to plug the plugin I guess, and write your personal message. Unless you’re super lazy, this is pretty much one of the best plugins that IM Wealth Builders have developed yet.

Think about it. 7 seconds and this plugin will work 24/7 for you as you go and work on other areas of your business, hit the beach or go on vacation.

There’s really not much more to say about this plugin. It’s awesome, it’s fast, and it works so you don’t have to. Go get it now and reap the benefits for your traffic!


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