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Compel Visitors To Click On Your Links

Covert Action Bar – When it comes to marketing online, there’s only one thing that really matters underneath all the bluster, blitz and glitz. It’s not the message, and it’s not even the product – although those are important. No, the main thing is grabbing people’s attention and keeping it and making people act on it.

It sounds so easy, but in practice, it’s hard – anyone who has been marketing over the internet will tell you so matter of factly in an honest conversation. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, though.

Covert Action Bar is something that will grab eyeballs, simply because it’s taking one of Microsoft’s biggest feature and turning it towards marketing ends. That’s smart, right? Of course it is. It’s basically a pop-up blocker bar – that little yellow bar that pops up to tell you when a pop-up has been blocked.

Only with Covert Action Bar, it’s actually relaying your message and what link you want them to see. The best bit of all this really is that everyone will want to check, simply in case they miss something.

Simple ideas are often the best, and Covert Action Bar is one of them. There’s some additional features, such as how your link will open, and which pages you want to display it on, and even if you want a delay of some seconds before it pops up.

It’s a simple plugin that can be quickly and easily installed on any WordPress blog, and I have to say that I love it. It’s a smart execution of a simple idea that Microsoft already did the testing for, and now you can use it to your own advantage.

Excellent stuff – if you want to see your conversions go up, then this is definitely the tool for you.