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Cookbooks Empire 4 – Kids Edition

Cooking is one of those things that we have to do every day – and it’s something that we should enjoy, but many people don’t. Perhaps because they don’t have enough time, perhaps they find it a chore, or perhaps they simply prefer to eat out or get takeaway. However, one thing that most can agree on is that in a perfect world, it’s a vital life skill and one that can pave the way to a healthier life – as well as more choice in the kitchen. Who doesn’t love someone who has the ability to cook up a delicious storm no matter what?

Children in particular enjoy cooking, which means it is something that adults like to encourage. However, nobody is going to start their kid off on a complex recipe. For kids, starting with the basics is often enough – and there is a huge demand for kid’s cookbooks out there.

A new offer from the famed marketer Alessandro Zamboni focuses on exactly this market. Zamboni, if you are not familiar with him, is a Kindle marketing guru who has made a fortune from niche Amazon Kindle marketplace offerings, and a generous guy who is only too happy to share in his success by giving people PLR (Private Label Rights) which they can use to build their own ebook empire.

This offer is no different, and in fact, it’s the fourth iteration of his popular series. Called Cookbook Empire 4: Kids Edition, this is an all-new and all updated guide that shows you how to find success in one of the fastest-growing niches on Amazon.

Inside, you’ll discover 7 incredible genres that are hitting all the right notes for parents of future chefs, giving you plenty of options and niche marketplaces to hit up. You’ll get full guidance on how to create the right books that sell in this niche as book ebooks and published books, making it easy to start making money soon.

You may also want to check out the (optional) upgrades for a bigger edge on your competition. The first gives you 8 more sub-genres to target, as well as some smart traffic strategies. The second gives you a collection that features the prior 3 releases, while the last gives you access to a high-ticket Kindle sales course.

Ultimately, this is a workhorse of a pack that gives you all the information you need to find success. While there’s no dazzling tools and automation in here, the advice and guidance you’re getting is made of solid gold and sure to help you find a lot of success in this niche. In turn, you’ll be able to set up an effortless passive income source of revenue that keeps delivering no matter what. If that sounds like something you need, then don’t hesitate to check this out today. You may even find some recipes that you love in the process.


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