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Convert To CSV Bulk WP Poster

Have you been considering trying a new niche but you wouldn’t wish to invest a lot of time and money getting unique content written for you? This package, Convert To CSV Bulk WP Poster, is for you. This was written to quickly setup PHPBay blogs, check their profitability, and then use the resumes to develop it further with a unique content. With the Convert to CSV, you can use tokens for Product Names/Ebay category IDs/ Amazon category IDs, and so on, to hastily set up and enhance your posts to your content.

Working with this converter is pretty straightforward: just paste your WP installation uses to set up posts, paste a list of values, for the fields (i.e. your post title, tags, etc.), include , include spin tax, tokens, (and HTML if it’s the post content value) in your list of values. Then paste your list of word groups that you want to replace tokens in the just published values. Go on to press the “Convert” button and will get a CSV file import your posts into the WP. It is this easy though you can still get the full documentation and tutorial from the README file.


It is ultra simple to use.

Using it can save you money and time as well.

It was designed to enter niches that you wouldn’t explore otherwise, compare how they do, allow you to focus just on those that are worth your time, and then abandon the others or let them sit and come back to later.