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Competiton Equalizer

Imagine if you could be able to secretly spy your competition, uncover their best performing ads and keywords, and use the information to counter them and dominate your niche with ease. Of course, this could give you an edge over them and thus grow your business with ease. And now you can do just that by getting this simple, yet very powerful software, “Competiton Equalizer”.

This software will reveal your competition and rank them from strongest to weakest so that you will be more precise on whom you are competing with or those you can work with. With its spying features, you will be able to open your competitors’ websites and see their marketing strategies with just a click of a mouse, reveal their ads and swipe the best parts and create better ads than them. You will also be able to gauge how much work needs to go to a certain niche before you make money and settle for the less competitive ones, uncover people’s unsatisfied needs, generate keywords with its built-in feature that allows you to investigate any market within a few minutes, import keywords from a text file/an existing PPC campaign and so much more.

This will help you dominate niches with ease and make easy money online

Save you time and money since you will never have to work on trio and error

You will always be able to single out the most profitable niches with ease, get down on them and beat any competition to easily diversify your income!

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