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Clone Your WordPress Blog Manually In 10 Minutes

If you use a WordPress blog, then probably you are conscious of the time it takes to put everything right. You need hours, days, if not weeks to create the discussion settings, create the permalinks, set up all the SEO plugins, create content, categories, navigation, find that perfect theme, set up that theme, the plugins, the files, and much more- the few seconds and minutes you need to do any of these soon adds to hours if not weeks of trial and error until you make the exact thing. Now, if you want to set up your WordPress blog more than once, you should not repeat the same long process you are taking before. You should simply set up your WP site the way you want, then back it up, and restore it elsewhere else. This process is what is called cloning.

When you clone a WP site, it does just what it sounds like. You’re copying everything on your site/blog including its design, theme, plugins, content, posts, comments, sidebar, widgets, simply everything to a new location. That saves you time and for a limited time now, you can save money that you would rather have spent on high-priced software or even outsourcing the rather mundane task – by just getting this easy-to-use software, “Clone Your WordPress Blog Manually In 10 Minutes”.

This software will allow you to clone, move and backup your WP blogs in record ten minutes or even less.

This is a real time saver

It’s a cheap alternative to those expensive software tools out there

It’s so easy to use that you will go through the whole process without breaking a sweat.

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