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BulletProof eMail Solution

Some people – and I have no idea why – love to tell the world that email, and email marketing is dead. They’ll tell you that it’s the way business was done 20 years ago, and now people aren’t responsive to it. They’ll point at the explosion of bandwidth and video marketing, showcase quizzes as a top technique, and sing the praises of all the shiny and new options available to us as marketers these days.

Sure, all of these techniques are effective, and nobody can deny that video marketing is a powerful, effective (and expensive) way to bring in new leads for your business. But is email really dead? No! Consider this: we’re still using email in our personal life – and many marketers are still huge advocates of email marketing. Why?

It’s called the email list. Imagine you have a targeted list of 10,000 people who trust you and signed up to get your email. Perhaps you have the perfect product for them. You share it in an email, saying that if they order today, they’ll get a 60% discount and pay only $20. Perhaps 5% of your list converts.

Now I know what you’re thinking – that doesn’t sound like much! – but you’d be $10,000 richer from those 500 who purchased from just one email. That’s not just a one-off either. So, email marketing is far from dead, and continues to be a powerful source of revenue.

If you want to know exactly how you can start getting these 10k email paydays, then I advise you to check out BulletProof eMail Solution, which shows you a traffic source that one smart marketer was able to clinically extract $45,535 from just last month via his list. Those are astonishing numbers, but actually not surprising with email marketing.

Now, this is a paid traffic source, so bear that in mind. The good news about paid traffic is that it is far more effective than free traffic. It’s targeted by some of the largest companies in the world for good reason, and you should be joining them if you want to effectively grow your business.

This course isn’t going to show you a new PPC, CPA, PPV, adswaps, JV, or solo ads method, nor are you going to have to grind on affiliate marketing sites or join the crowds on social media. This is a totally radical new source of traffic that had me spitting out a bit of tea when the reveal was made…

…so you might not want to be drinking when you read this yourself (or you may have to buy a new keyboard like I did). You’ll also learn a method that lets you scale, guaranteeing you will make more than you pay if you follow the instructions to the letter.

This is powerful, effective, and life-changing. Ignore the email marketing naysayers and swipe this before it’s gone forever.


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