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Boomerang List Pro

If you are selling any product online, one of the common practices is to put a standard autoresponder form on the sales page. Even if you have a pop-up sign up form, it is still worth adding a standard subscriber form as well to grab the attention of visitors who might ignore your form. However, when visitors enter their details into the autoresponder, they are directly sent to a “Thank You for subscribing” page, leaving your sales page behind, and they won’t see it again unless they press the back button on their browser. That means that you get a subscriber at the expense of a sale. Is it a worth it? How about if you had a way of ensuring that the visitors subscribe and then carry on reading your sales letter?

Well, now with this special software, the “Boomerang List Pro,” you can do exactly that. With this software, when they subscribe, their details are submitted to your autoresponder as usual then their browser returns to the same point on your sales letter so that they can read on. A little message appears on the page as well to tell them that they have been subscribed and will get the first email soon.

It is easy to use and works seamlessly with all autoresponders (as long as long as they allow you to create a “thank you for subscribing page”)- just select your page, enter the message to show to them and click update button- it will seamlessly do the rest for you!

Download yours now and be adding sign-up forms to your sales pages easily without losing sales

It’s easy to use; it’s compatible with your autoresponder and will make your work easier.

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