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Make More Money From Your Amazon Affiliate Websites

Authority Azon – If you’re working as an Amazon affiliate, you’re already aware of the huge potential as a money spinner that it can be, offering a percentage of all sales fees – the only thing you need to do is attract people to your website and reviews and use your affiliate link when crossing over to make their final purchase at Amazon.

It can be a tough sell, especially when preparing a website that looks good – but thanks to AuthorityAzon, a WordPress theme, the process has been made super-simple. All you need is a WordPress site and AuthorityAzon and you’re ready to go with a sleek, professional looking website that draws visitors in and helps you to convert them.

Many using AuthorityAzon have reported conversion rates of up to 10%, a huge increase on the more modest rates of 2% that were previously reported – and of course, it all adds to the bottom line. The theme offers many bonus extras, including “one-click” product data finder, and an advanced filter search for your WordPress blog, allowing visitors to quickly find what they want without ever leaving your site.

Best of all is the professional review pages along with comparison charts: the creators of AuthorityAzon have worked super-hard to create a complete theme that really feels like a premium shopping experience with all the trust that this engenders.

Along with the in-built SEO and theme options (for colors, fonts and other UI tweaks), this is a fantastic product for anyone who is working through Amazon as an affiliate. Not only does it provide you with a sleek, customizable theme, it also offers a raft of goodies that will get your conversion rates right up.

It’s a definite thumbs up from me – if you want success as an Amazon affiliate, this is quite simply a must-have too. Save time and effort while getting better results!