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Associate Goliath 5.0

The opportunity Amazon offers to affiliate marketers is second to none. With over 200 million different products that can buy in the US alone, it creates a tremendous opportunity to make easy money by just sending people to buy there. You see, when you send a prospect to Amazon website, you make commissions on everything they buy during that visit- and this is regardless of whether you had mentioned the said products or not. Their ‘bullet-proof’ delivery system will also relieve you of all the customer support challenges- because you will be selling physical products, which have lesser refund rate compared to digital ones.

Now you can master the art of minting real money on this platform by using the video reviews of products. And no need to worry about creating these videos since the “Associate Goliath 5.0” will do everything for you. It will automatically embed YouTube review videos in your posts, and its video player is fully mobile responsive- so that it will look great on all devices. This plugin also finds all related keywords and tags for product names and adds them to your posts, and this will ensure all your posts are fully search-engine optimized. By just keying in your keyword, this plugin will search within Amazon categories and subcategories you want on autopilot. You can even specify price ranges or any other parameter you wish, and it will do everything for you.

Further, it integrates with a spin rewriter, which is one of the most popular and powerful text-spinning services to ensure your content will be unique- as well as with OnlyWire, a service that automatically syndicates your posts to social media platforms. Other features include 90-day cookies to help you make more commissions, automatic geo-targeting to help you avoid lost sales, and so much more.

No need to waste lots of time doing product research or writing content

With video reviews, people are three times more likely to buy from you than if using any other option. So, this is all you need to watch your Amazon affiliate commissions shoot through the roof.

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