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Using Twitter To Find The Ideal Target Market You’re Searching For

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites on the internet. Though it is often used on a personal level to update friends and family of the happenings in someone’s life, it can also be used as an effective marketing tool. Whether you are showing the world a new product for the first time, or you have a new service based business to offer, you can use Twitter to help boost the traffic to your site, and the number of sales that you make.

Make money on Twitter
A lot of people have heard that it is possible to make money using Twitter but wonder how that’s possible. For a start, the service is free to use. Though you don’t make money from using Twitter, you can do so by offering products or services to your followers, friends, or contacts. By steering traffic to your own website, you can generate your own email list, make sales, sell services, or anything else you would like to do from your own site.

Marketing vs. Spam
When you are using Twitter to market to a targeted audience you will need to learn to so do in a subtle manner. Although you can advertise, you can’t outright ask for sales or it is considered spam. You will need to learn how to word tweets so that you can get people to go to your site, but they won’t know you are trying to sell to them because you are being subtle about it. One example might be if you have tweeted about your new website finally being done and ready for the public, then you ask for people to go have a look and to give you feedback on it. When the people go to it, the hope is that they will be so blown away by the product or service they will want to buy.

When you respond to questions or inquiries that are found through the @replies search, you can outright offer a product for sale if it is in direct relation to the inquiry. It wouldn’t be considered spam, it would just be the reply to the inquiry. For instance, if someone sends a message that says they are looking for info on how to make money online, you could reply with “I have an ebook for sale on my site that covers all of that information.”

Build a Following
So now you can see that there are ways in order to make money by using Twitter as a tool. The basis for the tool is to develop a following. When you tweet information that is relevant to people and their lives, they will take notice and many will follow you. The many people who sign up to follow your tweets are referred to as your followers. If you are targeting one specific subsection of people that is considered your target audience. Knowing who it is that you are targeting will help you to target them more easily. You don’t want to cast your reach too wide or you will slightly appeal to a lot of people, whereas if you target a small specific group of people you can make your efforts really appeal to those in the smaller sector.

Action and Interaction
You can start looking for your target market by joining online communities. If you were going to be selling kids clothing, for instance, you might join message boards for parents. Simply start conversations with those parents and tell them that you are also on Twitter. Many times people will come over to see what you tweet. You might even go so far as to post in the online community that you would like people to join Twitter with you. Take action and take the time to interact with others.

Simple Search
Probably the most time-consuming way to grow your followers is to do a simple search for people with similar interests and start following them. Usually, Twitter users will follow in return. You can refine your search by any information that you like such as; name, location, interests, hobbies, or any other criteria you like. You can then do a quick scan of their profile info to see if they might fit into your targeted audience.

One sneaky way that you can find people to grow your follower is to watch who the people are in the updates of a tweet. When people send updates to their followers many times they will just send it to everyone. This is great because then you can see everyone who is following this thread. All you have to do is go check out the people and if they fit your target market then you can follow them.

So there you have it, several ways that you can use to find your target market on Twitter. Though it may seem like a lot of work in some cases, the outcome is well worth the time you spend building your list of followers. Not only does it give you more people to put an offer in front of, those people can also retweet your offer and that will only increase your list even further.