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Very Cool Reasons To Use Twitter For Growing Your Internet Business

Do you tweet? If you know what I am talking about then there’s a fair chance that you are a Twitter user. Millions of people use Twitter to communicate with friends and family each month. Although touching base with loved ones might make up a large part of the Twitter user base, there are far more interesting ways that you can use Twitter. Smart marketers know that Twitter can be used for internet marketing as well as other profitable business applications.

So if Twitter is such an amazing internet marketing tool, where’s the proof of it? Well my friend, read on to learn five reasons why you, as an internet marketer, should use Twitter to improve your business.

1. Large Audience
Twitter is a unique animal. Though there are only 2 million registered users, over 500 million visitors stop by Twitter to read the tweets over a month long period. This is certainly a large audience. Even if you don’t communicate with all of them, the possibility of doing so is a huge opportunity.

In order to find your target market, you will need to start by searching Twitter for contacts that are in your niche. You can also look up or ask for information exchanges online. Using Twitters search tools you can search for people or keywords. The search parameters can be broken down into simple searches such as name, location, email address, or any other keyword you like. Once you find people in your target market, you can follow them, and add them to your list of contacts.

2. Conversations
Twitter might seem a little overwhelming to some people. When you take a look at it, you can see how people might think you can only tweet with friends and family. However, this is not the case. Millions of people search “” for interesting conversations to join so that they can interact with other people regarding topics that interest them.

Not only can you use the search method to find interesting conversations, once you see users who share your passion you can look them up and decide to follow them if you choose to. This is one way to build a list of topic-specific users to follow so you can reply to their tweets as well.

3. Generate Some Interest
While you are learning the art of tweeting and fitting in details within the character limits, you can tweet out details of products or services that you offer. By doing this you can generate some interest in your product or service, or you might even make a sale. The really nice thing about this is that when people find something they like they will retweet it. You can find yourself retweeted and making more sales or getting more exposure than you had anticipated.

4. Advertise, Don’t Spam
Did you know there are no rules against advertising on Twitter? Although you can advertise your products or services, you can’t send more than two advertisements for the same product or service per day or they will get tagged as spam. You will need to avoid large bulky advertisements that you send out many times a day. Just keep it real personal, ask people to try things, or to visit your site. Just remember not to do it more than twice in a day.

Get smart. You need to learn the art that is tweeting. You will need to find ways to draw interest to your tweets so people will investigate for more information. Make sure you are linking to your site, or your product, somewhere you would like people to go. When you write clever tweets you can make ads seem like small snippets of conversations.

5. Because it’s Free
Let’s see, over 500 million users a month for me to tweet to, and it’s free to do, yes please, count me in! Twitter is absolutely free to use for everyone. You can tweet from any computer or Internet-connected mobile device. You can get started as simply as typing in the URL. If you are going to market using Twitter you will need to register and set up your bio, but other than that it’s as easy as it could possibly be.

Though Twitter may have started with a more personal use in mind, it has grown into a social platform that can easily be used to generate business leads and direct business traffic. While the everyday person may use it in a personal manner, you can certainly use it for marketing.