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Setting Up A Business That Sells T-shirts On The Web

TeeSpring is a very easy company to work with. In order to set up a campaign and be successful with it, you are going to need to set some goals to strive toward meeting. Once you know what your goal is you will find that everything else will fall right into place. It makes things easier when you know how to address people and what they will be expecting. Here are a few tips on how to create and run a successful TeeSpring campaign.

1. Define Your Audience
The very first thing you need to do when getting ready to start a campaign is to know who it is you are going to market your t-shirts to. Once you know the niche, you can get to know the people within the niche. When you have an established audience, you can then drill down to a specific segment of the niche. By using demographics and geographical information you can laser target a sub-niche in order to capture that audience.

By segmenting out a smaller portion of the niche, you can create Facebook ads and get them in front of a very specific audience. The more specific your target group, the less you may have to spend to run your ads. But the main thing is that you will be able to create a very specific design that makes your sub-niche feel like they are on top of the world.

2. Advertising
As with any other type of marketing, to be successful you will need to advertise to draw in a crowd. When you have a niche targeted it is much easier to find where they hang out and advertise to them. The very best place to start with advertising is Facebook. On Facebook, you can put your advertisements in front of a segmented out group of individuals. If you only want ads to run for females who are listed as having a nurse’s degree, you can do that. You can use almost any demographics or geographical information in order to define your ads.

You should also consider advertising with Google or Bing as well. You will need to create an ad with keywords in it in order to run a Google ad, but if you can bid high enough you can get good placement and it could mean a lot of extra traffic to your TeeSpring campaign.

3. Email Marketing
If you are designing and selling T-shirts to your own niche then you will already know what they would like. You should also have a list of subscribers that are in that niche. When you have an active campaign on TeeSpring you should always consider putting it in front of your email list. You would do this as well as advertising on Facebook and Google among other places.

4. Analytics
By tracking how well your campaigns do through TeeSpring, you can see where your strengths are and where you could use improvements. Though there really isn’t much by way of information through TeeSpring, you do still have your advertising data and other data to use to help tweak your campaigns. Keep really good track of where you run your ads and which ads do the best so you can repeat those results. Once you have a proven system in place you can rinse and repeat that same system for more and more campaigns.

When you have had success with a campaign, you might consider running it again with slightly different demographics or geographical information in your ads. If you sold 100 or 200 T-shirts about a topic, who’s to say people in another region or different demographic wouldn’t like to own one too. Always keep track of the number of sales that you make against your ads. This information can help you to project your sales better so that you can earn higher commissions.