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Social Network Followers The Easy Way

Whether you have just started a new site and are looking to add your first 1000 followers, or you already have a following but would like to add more to your list, these tips and techniques for getting followers on every major social network can help you achieve your goal.

Before we get into the details of how to gain followers on each channel, keep these very specific tips in mind. You will be able to notice a pattern emerge as you read through the following detailed instructions.

1. Always be sure to fill out your profile for a social network completely, including adding an image.

2. Be sure to share links to each social media channel on the other channels.

3. Use follow widgets and links to your profiles on your website or blog.

4. Be certain that you add links to all of your social profiles at the end of your email signature.

Gaining 1000 followers on Twitter
Let’s get started…

Step 1: Make sure to fill in your Twitter profile completely. Take the time to write a bio that includes one or two keywords in it, and be sure that you include your website URL.

Step 2: Inform your other social media followers that you have started a Twitter account and invite them to follow you. Also be sure to invite your email list to follow you as well.

Step 3: Add all of the Twitter share buttons to your website or blog. They offer these four buttons.

• A follow button. This is the most common used button.
• A simple share link.
• Hashtags.
• Mentions.

Step 4: Take time to research and find some relevant accounts to follow. It is common practice to follow people back. Newer Twitter users can use this to gain additional followers. Once you have them following it is time to knock their socks off with your great content.

Step 5: Be sure to use hashtags the right way. Check hashtags before you use them to make sure they aren’t already in use. Also be sure to use relevant hashtags.

Step 6: Find a relevant Twitter chat group and join the conversation. Some places you might look for chat groups are;

• Chat Salad
• Tweet Reports
• Twubs
• Google Doc.

Step 7: Take the time to optimize your Tweet This button so that it includes your username. Under Button Options, be sure to add your user name to the “Via @” section.

Gaining 1000 followers on Facebook
Step 1: Take time to fill in your Facebook profile completely. There is no shortage of information on Facebook. This adds opportunity for you to get extra value for your effort. While filling in your information you can work in a few keywords here and there to help draw in visitors.

Also be sure to fill in…

• Your About section.
• Your website URL.
• Start information.
• Address if it is relevant.
• A thorough description and mission statement.
• Phone number if it’s relevant.
• Email address.
• Also be sure to create a few updates in order to add content to the page.

Step 2: Facebook makes it easy for you to invite all of your friends and colleagues to your page. Send out a test invitation to a select few at first before you invite them all. If you can get 25 fans to your page this way then you qualify to get a vanity URL for your page.

Step 3: Make sure that you share a link to your new Facebook profile to your other social media profiles.

Step 4: Also take the time to send your new Facebook information to your email list.

Step 5: Facebook has several buttons and widgets (plugins) that you can add to your own website and blog. Be sure that you do take time to add them to your pages and posts.

Step 6: Once you are all set up, spend a little money on Facebook advertising. You can attract a lot of new traffic to your website or blog by doing this. Because you can target specific users, it is much easier to get new visitors for less. Be sure that you utilize the retargeting option as well.

Step 7: Once you have taken the time and effort to get traffic to your website, be sure that you have a clear Facebook call to action on your site or blog. There are usually a few calls to action on any given blog or website, it would be little to no effort to add one for social media.

Gaining 1000 Followers on Pinterest
Step 1: Take the time to fill out your profile completely. Are you seeing a pattern yet? Be sure that you fill in as much information as you can. And don’t just fill in three lines and decide you will do the rest later. Fill it all in and you will get a better response from followers.

Now, Pinterest makes a distinction between a personal profile and a business profile. If you have your set to a business profile, you get to use things like Customized Pin It buttons and rich pins. To complete your profile, go into Account Settings, then Edit Profile. Here you will edit the following…

• Business name
• Contact name
• Business type
• Email address
• Profile picture
• Custom username and URL
• Website URL
• Location
• About section
• Other social networks

When you add information about your other social networks Pinterest shows the links to your other networks in your page header. This can help with getting followers because people will feel more confident in you because they can find you easier.

Step 2: Be sure that you add a link to your Pinterest profile on your other social channels.

Step 3: Take the time to share the link to your Pinterest account with your email list. Also add the link to the bottom of your email as part of your signature file.

Step 4: You can also add a button to your website or blog. Pinterest has several types of buttons that you can add to your site to make sharing easier.

They have:
• Pin it button
• Follow button
• Pin widget
• Profile widget
• Board widget

The most commonly used button is the Pin It button. This button allows people to share your website or blog content easily. However, if it is followers you are after, you would be better served to use the Follow button.

Step 5: Start following! There are a few sneaky strategies that you can use to gain followers.

• Search out some of your competitors followers. All you need to do is go to their boards and see who is following them. Those are the people that you want to follow.

• If they have a lot of followers, you can sift through bout 50 to 100 in a day and follow them. If you do this step repeatedly for around two weeks you will start to see followers following you back.

• Take time to create ten or so boards across several topics in your niche. Then each week you should create another few in different topics.

• Because you only post high quality content on your website or blog, be sure to pin as much of that high quality content to your boards as you can.

• A couple times a day, you should go through your pins for the week and repin ten or so of them to other boards.

Gaining 1000 followers on Google+
Step 1: Take the necessary time to fill your profile out completely. You want to fill in more than the basic information, remember, you are trying to gain peoples trust in you.

Click to the “About” tab and fill in all of the pertinent information, such as;

• Convey your story through your tagline. You can also emphasize it in your introductions paragraph.

• Join relevant Google+ communities

• Be sure to add your relevant links to your website or blog, YouTube and any other social networks that apply.

• Of course you want to fill in all the personal information that you desire to share, such as, email address, physical address if you have a physical shop, phone number and the like.

Step 2: Take the time to share the link to your profile on your other social networks. The goal is to be able to locate all of your social media accounts from each other.

Step 3: Be sure to email you list and invite them to add you to their circles. Also add your link to the bottom of your email below your signature file.

Step 4: Add the Google+ follow button or a Google+ follow badge to your blog or website. Make sure it is visible.

Step 5: Take a little time to search for related circles. You can use the search bar at the top, simply type in your keyword and the word “circle” and you will get relevant circles to join.

Step 6: Get in on the action. Start sharing within your circles and get your name out there. Every time someone joins your circle, they can see who else is in the circle. You can use this in order to gain followers.

If you create a circle and get it out there, you can get brownie points for being a moderator. Every time someone +1s within the community they will be added to your business pages tally and ultimately your homepage as well.

Gaining 1000 followers on LinkedIn
Like Pinterest, LinkedIn has the option of a business profile or a personal profile. Let’s cover them together. Unlike Pinterest, LinkedIn is more of a professional type of information site. Though you can post content there, the site is designed to help connect business people.

Step 1: Fill out your profile completely. Don’t skimp on information either. Be sure to add a professional looking profile image as well. LinkedIn takes filling out your profile seriously enough to add a meter to tell you when you have added enough information. If you try to skimp it is going to urge you to continue filling it out.

Step 2: Share the link to your LinkedIn profile on your other social media networks.

Step 3: Be sure that you email your list of subscribers within your niche and invite them to add your profile on LinkedIn. Also add the link in the footer of your email signature.

Step 4: Make space on your blog or website to add the LinkedIn button to it. Usually you can just use a widget to add it along with all of the other social icons.

Step 5: Invite all of your business associates to join LinkedIn as well, and have them fill in their profiles so you can all connect. If you have employees, they can add you as an employer, or if you are the employee, add them as your employer.

Step 6: Take the time to send original connection requests, and always be on the lookout for new connections. If you get requests, be sure to accept them. You never know when someone is going to become a client or connect you to someone else who might be.

If you take time to build your profile in a professional manner it will help you to connect to more relevant and likeminded professionals. Be certain to customize the connection requests that you send out and always accept the requests that you get.

Gaining 1000 followers on Instagram
Step 1: I am hoping you can guess what Step 1 is going to be. You got it! Fill out your Instagram profile completely. You want to be able to be found easily, so be sure to use a username that will help with that.

Step 2: It is incredibly important for you to connect your Instagram and your Facebook accounts. Not only can it help your Facebook friends to follow you on Instagram, it can help to get others to follow you who didn’t know you were on Instagram. Also share your Instagram profile with your other social media accounts.

Step 3: Share your Instagram account with your email list. Invite them to come see your visual stream. You can also add a link to it at the bottom of your email signature. However, if it isn’t relevant to your niche, you might want to skip this step.

Step 4: decide what your commenting strategy is going to be. Comments get far more love on Instagram than they do anywhere else. You can usually find like 500 likes on an image as compared to 80 or so comments. There is a lot of room to use the comments on Instagram. Here are some strategies to use.

• Use your PC to leave comments. You can do it much faster and cover more images.

• Comment on images that are under relevant hashtags.

• Be sure to comment on relevant images that have been posted within the past few days.

• If an image has less than five comments, leave a comment because it is more likely to be seen.

Step 5: Be sure to like a lot of posts. I mean like a thousand or so a day. Sounds impossible, right? It is. In order to gain followers you need to be seen. To be seen, you need to like everything that is relevant within your niche.

Step 6: Use hashtags wisely. Take the time to do a little research to find out what the big names in your industry are tagging. If you need help with hashtags, you can check the top 100 at

Step 7: Add an Instagram feed to your website or blog. If you use WordPress you have several plugins to use to accomplish this task. The idea is to have a feed of hashtagged content there so people will be able to see you are on Instagram.

Step 8: Tag everyone who appears in your images. If you take the time to tag and mention them in your feed, they might do the same in return.

Step 9: Instagram offers a geo-tagging option on its photo map. If you take the time to enable the geo-tagging option on your images, your images can be part of the geo-map.

In conclusion
Hopefully you can see how the same tips work across almost every social media network. If you take the time to follow the same simple guidelines when setting up each one of your profiles, you can really get a much better response from each network. Remember, always portray yourself in a professional manner, share high quality valuable content, and solve people’s problems and you will gain those 1000 followers rather quickly.

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