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Making Money with Pinterest Using These Great Methods

Pinterest is the hottest platform for sharing collectible images and articles on the internet. Learning how to use Pinterest to make money is not very hard to do provided you do it correctly. The Pinterest platform has a very easy to use interface which doesn’t take a lot of effort to learn to use. Nearly every online business owner should take advantage of Pinterest in order to help get traffic to their websites. Here are some ways that you can use to help you make money with Pinterest.

1. Pinboards
Take the time to create attractive pinboards. Each pinboard that you have is like a different department in your shop. You should create a pinboard for each product that you are selling in order to help make them look their best. It’s important to make the images as eye-catching as possible in order to portray your products in a good light.

If you are selling digital products, you should have well-designed e-cover for them in order to represent the products the best possible way. You can use business logos, or anything digital that will represent the service. Once you have the image right then all you need to do is link it to a shopping cart like E-junkie or aMember.

2. Memes and quotes
Nearly everyone online has seen a funny meme or motivational quote. Memes usually have a topic and poke fun at someone or something to make a point. Motivational quotes are very collectible and people love to read them and pass them along to their friends and family. Both of these forms of images tend to go viral in most cases. It would be really easy to create a pinboard of them and make them wildly popular.

Once you create pins and a pinboard of memes and motivational quotes you can link them back to your website or blog. This is also considered a form of pre-selling because you get the audience attention and then funnel them back to your site. It’s easy to find online software to create these types of images.

3. Trade emails for contest entries
Everyone likes to win things in contests. Most people will be willing to give up their email address in order to get entered into a contest to win a cool prize. This is an incredibly easy way to build your email list. There are even third-party software vendors who offer to help run your contest for you, like They will not only run the contest they will grow your list easily and effectively.

4. Set up a portfolio board
You can create nearly any type of pinboard that you like, so why not a portfolio board? You can use it to showcase your work history, your photography, designs, artwork, or anything else you would like to share with potential business partners or employers. Show your very best work, or at least let people see what you are all about.

You can take screenshots of your work to display on your board. There is software that you can use for this such as Snagit, Awesome Screenshot, or others. Once you have the images, be sure to link them back to your main site where you can reel them in for your services.

5. Testimonial pinboards
When you have been in business for any length of time you will more than likely have customers who are willing to give you rave reviews and testimonials. Pinterest is a great place to display your social proof. You can use online software like Canva to create images for the testimonials so that they look good, then add a link to your site and pin them to your portfolio board.

6. Videos pins
If you create YouTube videos you can pin those to your boards as well. You can also pin other videos like from Daily Motion, Vimeo, or other sites. When you set them up, be sure that you remember to link to your website in the descriptions of the videos.

7. Review pins
If you write reviews about products or services, you should use really great images of the product or service to showcase it and then link it to your review. Not only can this drive traffic to your review, but the affiliate link you have in your review.

This is only a short list of ways that you can use Pinterest to make money online. If you use a few of these techniques in your business you will see how easy it really is. Many of the ways are about driving traffic to your affiliate sites or offers. Great images are very appealing to the masses and attract a lot of attention. Always try to present the very best images that you can and you will get the best results in return.