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Must-Know Techniques For Getting A Huge Number Of Followers On Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the top social media networking sites on the internet, and the metrics that are measured to determine if you are successful is the number of people following your pinboards. The measure of success on Facebook is if your page has lots of followers and gets lots of likes, on Twitter the more followers you get the better off you are. On Pinterest, you need to have lots of people following your boards and interacting with your pins.

The whole concept of social media is to engage with other people and get as many likes and followers as possible. The ways to accomplish this are the same across the board. You need to provide high-quality content, it needs to be interesting, it should provide value to your audience, and it needs to contribute to the community. Provided you interact with the people who are engaging with you on social media, you should have no trouble getting followers.

Here are a few techniques that you can use in order to get more followers and increase the engagement with your audience on Pinterest.

1. Pinterest and Facebook
If you are looking for potential cross promotion from Facebook to Pinterest, you can add a Pinterest tab to your Facebook profile. When people are checking you out on Facebook they will be able to see that you are also on Pinterest and be able to click over and start following you there as well. By keeping things as simple for the user as possible it helps them to engage even if they aren’t trying very hard.

2. Add a Link to Your Blog
Another great way to gain followers is to add a follow pin on your blog or website. It’s the same principle as a tab on Facebook, if you add a connection between your blog or website and your Pinterest account you are likely to gain more followers. As a bonus, there are many plugins for WordPress that help you to accomplish this fairly easily.

3. Don’t Forget Friends
Probably the easiest sell you will ever make will be to get your friends to follow you on Pinterest. Even if they don’t know what you are about they will likely follow you if you ask them. Because they know you there is already a level of trust there. An added bonus is that Pinterest makes it easy to invite everyone in your email address book with little effort.

4. Cross Promote
When you are active on multiple social media channels, it is important for you to take the time to connect all of your accounts together to maximize your audience potential. Be sure that you add a link to your Pinterest account to the bottom of your emails with the other social media links. You should also add links to each social media site on every other social media site. So be sure to link your Pinterest account to your YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other social media site you can think of.

5. Comment on Other Pinboards
One really great and easy way to get attention on Pinterest is to comment on others pinboards and pins. If your comments tend to add value to pins, or are humorous or quirky, they can draw a lot of attention to you and your pinboards. A lot of people follow others based on their comments just to find out what they are all about. If they like you they can become faithful followers.

6. Post Great Pins Regularly
It’s important to try to post original pins as often as you can. People like variety and they will surf until they find it. You want to be consistent with your pins so that people will know to come look at your boards for new content. Be careful not to add a whole bunch of pins all at one time. Try to schedule them to go out periodically. You want to add new pins to your boards throughout the day so that they look active. You don’t want them to look neglected.

With each new pin, you can drive more targeted traffic to your blog or website. Each pin is another opportunity to intrigue your audience to take a better look at you and what you are all about. With a little skill and organization, you can draw your audience in and they will be much more likely to click on your links.

It’s important to remember that building your Pinterest followers will take time but you can gain a lot of followers using these techniques. However, you don’t want to rush things, you want your activity to look natural and organic. Take the time to track your efforts so that you can do more of what works and cut out what doesn’t.