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Why You Need LinkedIn For Marketing Your Small Business

Social media is a very useful way to generate traffic for your small business. When you are trying to brand your business, it helps a lot to be able to direct traffic to the pages that mean the most. In order to do that you need quality leads to come from your traffic source. Although all social media is capable of sending traffic to your site, LinkedIn sends high-quality business related traffic.

Most businesses have the same primary objective, to attract high-quality leads that convert to sales and bring in repeat customers. LinkedIn is the best source for those high-quality leads because of the nature of the site itself. There are a lot of benefits of having a LinkedIn profile for your small business, here are a few of those benefits.

1. Branding
Regardless of whether you promote your business online or off, your target audience will be looking online to learn as much about you as they can. By having a profile set up on LinkedIn, your audience will be able to learn everything that you have put in your profile for them to see. Your profile is like a portfolio or a showcase of your work and experience. Take the time to enhance it with any type of media you have to demonstrate your abilities.

2. Add to your online presence
When you are looking to add more of a presence online for your business, enhancing your LinkedIn profile with optimized keywords and phrases can help it to rank higher in the search engines. Your LinkedIn profile is basically a free marketing tool that you can use to boost your own business. Even posting keywords optimized posts on your profile can help it to get more traffic. The key is to use it as the tool that it is.

3. Laser target leads
When you connect with the people that you know and the places that you have worked or do work, it helps to pull in traffic. The people who end up visiting your profile are going there looking to learn about you. This is the best way to generate laser targeted leads. You can also use the search function in LinkedIn to look for potential customers to connect with. This is an easy way to reach like-minded people.

4. Increased sales
You can use LinkedIn to help increase the number of sales that you generate over a period of time. When you connect with people via LinkedIn, you are making connections of people who can all potentially go to your website as a lead. You can also use the advanced search capabilities in order to find bigger companies to connect with. When you connect with other business, it allows you to gain access to their followers. This is also a way to increase your sales.

LinkedIn should not be considered optional for small business, it should be the first social media channel that every small business gets set up on. The quality of leads that come from LinkedIn are of a more professional nature and generally know more of what they are looking for. By the time the lead goes to your page, they already know they want to learn more about your business. You should use this information in order to generate the best possible leads from LinkedIn that you can.