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Should You Be Using Google Hangouts When Running A Small Business?

Google has given an innovative and powerful gift to the world in the form of Google Hangouts. Hangouts allow people everywhere to connect with each other regardless of location or device. Small business can use Hangouts as an asset for their business if they use it efficiently and effectively. It allows employers to connect with employees, business colleagues, or even clients regardless of location. Hangouts are not only easy to set up, it’s convenient to use. It can really help small business with its day to day operations. Here is a short list of some ways that small business can benefit from using Hangouts.

1. Customer Service
Google Hangouts allow any small business to connect with their customers at any time of night or day anywhere across the world. You can set up specific times where you will be available to answer customer queries via video or chat. Not only will it help to build trust in your brand, it will help to build relationships with your customers. Statistics show that when customers trust brands they tell their friends about their great service.

2. Meetings and Collaboration
Google Hangouts is unique in that it allows you to share your screen with the hangout so that you can share information first hand to the group. This makes it easy for business owners to collaborate with other businesses or even employees to collaborate with each other. It facilitates the sharing of information with anyone who is mobile or not in attendance of meetings because of location. When that key member of staff is working from home, they can still communicate their ideas by joining the Hangout.

3. Interviews
Small businesses can use Google Hangouts to hold interviews with prospects that might not otherwise be available to come for an in-person interview. They can also hold a group hangout while they interview an influencer or person of interest for the group. It can also be used for a group of influencers to meet an individual at a remote location in order to consider them for hire. If everyone can’t be in the same room at the same time, just Hangout.

4. Communications
Aside from communicating with your customers and clients, you can use Hangouts to host training webinars. You can organize classes to meet at a certain day and time in order to teach on any given topic. Workshops, training, any type of information sharing can be done through Hangouts.

When small businesses are looking to make an impact for their brand, communication with clients, employees and colleagues is of the utmost importance. Using Google Hangouts makes an impact for your brand, and helps to build the trust your customers are looking for. You shouldn’t replace any services with Hangouts, you should keep it and use it as you would any other business tool in your business toolbox. Though it may not be considered social media, it can definitely help you get social with the people who are the most important to your business.