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How You Can Use Google Plus In Marketing Your Business

When Google Plus first started, big businesses had hoped to use it to keep track of what their employees did socially. Though it can be used to track people through the circles they are in, it isn’t as easy to track employees and contractor’s activities as first hoped. Employees quickly came to understand that when they +1 items in the home feed that their employer could track them. Employees have since come to learn when they can be tracked by employers and have learned what not to do on social media.

Now that it is widely known that using the Circles feature makes it easy to share information with individual groups of people, big businesses can use it to address employees using the feature. From a marketing standpoint, as long as all of the people that need to be in the loop are within the circle, this feature will work perfectly. If there is a need to add freelancers or contractors, this is still a very useful way to communicate with an entire group.

The +1 button can be used on articles, blog posts, images and other content shared within the home news feed. It is used to express a like for something. Small businesses quickly learned that by using the +1 button they can start discussions or continue them with employees and potential customers. By posting an assortment of interesting and popular content, smaller businesses can draw in the people they are hoping to gain as followers and eventually customers.

With the use of Collections, businesses can create collections of useful posts that can be helpful to different groups within their organizations. The Collections feature can also be used to provide targeted information to private groups. This would prove to be perfect for online marketing purposes. This would allow you to deliver targeted information to specific markets of people for use in sales or other outside marketing. Regardless of the market, Google Plus Collections can share the needed information in moments rather than over weeks. The great thing about Collections is that they can be shared via Google Plus, Facebook, or Twitter.

Using the Communities feature of Google Plus can also be helpful. Though some communities can be set to private, when you create public communities, you can advertise them across the web and they can attract potential clients who have an interest in your subject matter. People are looking across social media for other like-minded people to share with and learn from. When they find you and your community, if they can add you to their list, they can start to watch and see what you have going on within your community that they can benefit from. As a member of the community, they can invite other people to join. They can also share the community through Google Plus, Facebook, or Twitter. From a marketing standpoint, this can help to draw in a lot more potential clients.

With all of the new features that are available through Google Plus, businesses of all sizes can benefit from using this platform within their marketing efforts. Aside from the many ways that there are to offer content, there are just as many ways to interact with the people who want to see it. If you were looking for only free ways to market your business online, Google Plus would be one of the best methods of doing so. When used in conjunction with the other social media channels, you can really take your business to the next level.