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Learning The Basics Of Google Plus, So You Can Start Today

Google Plus made its debut into the social networking scene in June of 2011. Originally it seemed as though Google was trying to directly compete with Facebook. Though it has come to be popular for its own features, such as Hangouts, it has never been the same as Facebook. Unlike Facebook though, Google Plus is available on all mobile devices the same as it is on PCs, and that makes the users very happy.

When it first began, Google Plus was only available to those who were extended an invitation. While this made it unique, it would only last a few months before people across the globe were begging for access. Now, due in part to some of the features of the service, Google Plus is available to anyone who is age eighteen or over.

One of the main features of Google Plus is the ability to group contacts together in any way that you choose. When you are adding a new contact to your circles, you can select the group, or groups, which you would like to include the contact into. By doing this you are able to decide who will see the information that you post based on the groups that you post to. To make things a little more personal, you can create and name the groups that you want so that you can have your own organization style. You can view your circles news feed by clicking on Home in the left-hand menu.

When you post on a regular basis, you have the opportunity to create collections of posts that you can then share as a collection on the Google Plus platform. Not only can you create collections, you are able to determine whether or not they are public or private. This is very useful in case you want to share content with a private group of individuals, or if you just want to share with the world. Other people will be able to browse through your collections and add them to their list of collections if they are public. Others will be able to share your collections via social media as well. You can access collections by selecting Collections on the left-hand menu.

Along with following individuals as in circles, and following people’s collections, you can also join communities of like mind people. There are communities created around ideas, people, places, and things. You can create a community around anything that you want to share things about. Just like the collections, you can have either public or private communities. If they are private, you can set them up so that in order to join a person would have to ask permission. These can also be shared via social media, and in some cases, members can invite others to join. Again, this option is available on the left-hand menu.

Being able to search through collections and communities for like-minded individuals is very useful when you are trying to connect with others. If you already know who you are looking to connect with, you can also simply look them up in the People section of Google Plus. This feature is available on the left-hand menu. Also available to view are the lists of people that you are following as well as those following you. This is very helpful if you want to keep track of someone specific.

Hangouts and Messenger
Though Google Hangouts still exists on the mobile app within Google Plus, it is no longer a part of Google Plus on the PC. Now, Hangouts has its own page and is a completely separate entity online within Google. This has not stopped millions of people from using Hangouts through the mobile app though.

This list comprises a basic run down of the Google plus features and what is available to you as a member. Given the amount of ways that there are to access people and information, anyone can quickly find whatever they are searching for. Once you become familiar with these features, you will be able to see the many ways that you can share socially.