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Using Google Hangouts To Benefit Your Business In Many Ways

Google is always at the forefront of new technology. They often offer newer technologies to their users in an effort to gain even more of the online user market. Google Hangouts are no different. This unique video and chat protocol allows people from all over to connect with other via chat, videos chat, or internet phone. Google is well versed at getting people to communicate with each other.

Not only can Google Hangouts be used for personal use, it is great for business use also. There are several ways that Google Hangouts can be used for business in order to make money. Let’s take a look at some of these ways.

1. Business Marketing
Many smaller businesses can now communicate with other companies that they might not otherwise have been able to, by using Google Hangouts. The location of the parties that will join the Hangout doesn’t even need to be in the same country. It allows small businesses to showcase their brands to anyone, anywhere. It can be used to record business meetings, demonstrate product use, or it can even be used for interviews.

2. Online Marketing
Online marketers can use Google Hangouts to set up group training sessions to go with products they might be offering. They can also use it for demonstrating products and services to the public or small groups of people. They can also advertise the Hangout as giving out information and end the presentation with a sales prospect. Any marketing method can use Google Hangouts.

3. Business Communications
Businesses large and small can use Google Hangouts to have video conferences with each other free of charge using this service. For smaller businesses, this can be a life saver. It would work to hold press conferences or client conferences from anywhere and to anywhere. The Hangouts app is available for the smartphone and it connects all of the sessions together. One person could be accessing the Hangout on their phone while three others could be on tablets, laptops, PCs, or any combination of them. The service is fully integrated.

4. Service Calls
When you have a small business, you can set up service calls through Google Hangouts. Anyone can go to the Google Hangout page and log in to use it from anywhere. As long as the person has an internet connection they can connect to anyone using the service. Imagine the relief patrons will feel if they know you are only a video call away.

5. Interviews
Google Hangouts can be used the same way any other chat or video chat protocol can be. Who needs skype when all you need is a browser? You can set up employment interviews through Hangouts, or you could set up a Hangout and invite a bunch of clients to watch as you interview a topic specialist on the Hangout with them. It is an easy way to give an interview or to have an interview.

Google Hangouts can be used in any manner that any other communication protocol can be used. From phones to tablets, to computers, Google Hangouts connects everyone across the globe. The ways that you can utilize the Hangout are limited only by your imagination. You can use it for personal or business use, for free or for profit, and everything in between.