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Creating & Customizing Facebook Pages…The Easy Way!

Facebook has gone to great lengths to provide groups and small businesses with a way to share their stories on Facebook. What originally started out as Fan Pages quickly grew very popular and became widely used by organizations and businesses of all sizes. These Fan Pages would eventually morph into what we now know as Facebook Pages.

Because Facebook knows its clients, they already know what online businesses and marketers are looking for. In order to make Facebook pages as popular as they could, Facebook has taken a lot of time to provide each user with a whole host of tools and applications that they can use to customize and personalize the Facebook page experience.

Cover Image
There are as many ways to use the cover image space as there are different groups out there. You can use it to display everything from your most popular products, to the benefits visitors will get from using your business. The cover image is going to be displayed front and top on your page and will be the very first thing that anyone visiting your page will see, so make sure it grabs attention.

Profile Picture
This image is displayed in the lower left corner of the cover image. Depending on what you are going to use your Facebook page for, you might decide to display a business logo or group image in this space. The usual choice of image is an image of yourself. When you are trying to brand yourself, it helps a lot to show your face in this place.

About Space
You will need to describe what your page is all about in 150 words or less. If your page is for business purposes, be sure that you let your visitors or customers know that you appreciate them and that your business is all about them. Tell them briefly what your business is about.

Facebook URL
Probably the best idea Facebook had was to create the customized URL for members. By letting folks customize the end of their URL it allows millions of Facebook pages to be indexed by the search engines. This makes it easy for page owners to drive traffic to their pages.

Facebook Tabs
Facebook offers a host of tools for use with the tabs for their Facebook pages. They appear at the bottom of the cover image and can add tremendous marketing power to your Facebook page. You can add just about anything you like to the tabs, from apps to a store and more.

The Post Box
This is what it’s all about. It allows you to engage with your audience on a level only you can do. You will be able to add text and various media through the post box. The options are endless as to what you can post. Share everything about your business and your company views as well as products, tips and tricks that your customers might find helpful.

By using your Facebook page to help get your brand’s name out there, you can position yourself in the global market fairly quickly. Customers and potential customers love to engage with brands online. The statistics about how often people buy through Facebook are amazing. You can build a Facebook page and set up shop in very little time. As long as you follow the Facebook Pages terms of service, you should be able to get your own pages set up and start interacting with your followers fairly quickly.