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Give Your Business A Boost With The Help Some Great Facebook Features

In order to gain more of a following, small businesses or blogs should be using social media to communicate with their customers. In order to stay competitive in their industry, businesses need to be active on Facebook, the king of social media. With nearly a billion users across the globe, Facebook has the largest following of people of all social media worldwide, and they continue to grow day by day. With nearly 15% of the world’s population using Facebook, there is little reason to wonder how they can help to expand your marketing efforts.

Event Promotion
There are so many types of promotions that take place on Facebook today. One type of promotions that is just getting its start on Facebook is local event promotions. Why it isn’t more widely used is a mystery with the ability to target specific audiences available. Thankfully, more promoters are catching on. Using Facebook in order to draw in a crowd to local events can prove to be very lucrative. Any event planner worth their salt will be using Facebook to gather audiences to their local events. Using Facebook in this way can help to attract an entirely new following to a group or event.

Stand out Facebook Profiles
Facebook profiles aren’t just for individuals anymore. Businesses and marketers have caught on to the huge potential that exists by using their Facebook profile to introduce themselves and their brand to potential clients. They have learned that once they create a powerful introduction on Facebook, it can carry over to their other social media outlets and help to market their business more effectively. Now, companies and brands are hiring professional writers to write effective introductions for their Facebook profiles.

Facebook Pages
These pages can attract an entirely new customer base when used correctly. Not only are the Facebook pages found individually by search engines, they allow you to interact directly with customers and future customers. People love being able to connect with businesses they want to do business with. You can attract a loyal fan base by simply posting and communicating with them one on one. There is also an entire host of tools and applications that are available for the marketer to use on their pages. They have become an extension of every business online.

Facebook Groups
Not only can you create open and public Facebook groups around any niche or topic, but you can also create private ones that require permission to join. This is a huge way to create buzz about your brand. If you have a Facebook group open only to customers who have bought products from you, it will encourage other people to become customers to join the group. This is a powerful way to earn extra income as well. You can add access to the private group to a membership that you charge a reoccurring monthly charge for. You would be surprised how many people want to join powerful Facebook groups where people are having meaningful conversations.

This is only a small sample of what Facebook can do for your business today. They are constantly growing their advertising efforts and the amazing tools they offer to their users. The small businesses and groups can’t afford NOT to use Facebook these days. Give them a try, see what good they will do for you.