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1000 Website Visitors Per Day – A Simple Roadmap

As marketers, we all know that the more traffic you have coming to your site the better off you are. Not only will visitors likely buy from you, they may also subscribe to your email list if you offer updates via email. And I am sure that by now you have heard that “the money is in the list.” This saying couldn’t be truer. When you have a prospects email address, it means that you have the ability to put offers in front of them any time you like. But the trick is to get them to your site to begin with, and that means traffic methods. Here I am going to share with you the top 21 steps to 1000 visitors per day!

1. Create Worthwhile Content – The world is full of all kinds of content, and more is being created on a daily basis. In order to get people to flock to your site to read what you have to say, you need to impart your own brand of wisdom and personality into your content. Obviously you have something to say or else you wouldn’t be blogging to begin with. Just create content that shares your own personal message with people and you will a like-minded following.

2. Spread the Wisdom – Now that you have created your content, the fun is about to begin. Now it is time to share your content around the internet so that everyone knows that you have shared yet more pearls of wisdom with the world. You should start by syndicating your content and making it easy for people to find. You will also want to share it with people of influence so that they can share the love with their followers. Sharing is caring in marketing, and if you can get fellow marketers to share your content it will increase traffic. But be ready to share in return.

3. Winning With Posting – Facebook should be your first stop when it comes to social media because of how big they are in terms of content marketing. They are our #1 source for post traffic in comparison to other social media platforms. If you have a website, you need to have a Facebook fan page. If you don’t, then you need to pick up the slack and start one today.

4. Tweet Your Heart Out – The days of organic traffic are all but dead. Of course organic traffic still exists, but if you are sitting around waiting for it to roll in, you have missed the bus! You need to engage your followers on Twitter and other social media, because that’s where they are. Even if you tweet nothing but a link to your latest post, it would be better than ignoring it all together.

5. Pin Your Content – Let’s not forget about Pinterest. When you create your content. Chances are you will use images or graphics within your content, you can use interesting enough graphics to generate pins for your Pinterest boards.

6. Start a Conversation – You can start a thread on or Since you need to build relationships anyway to help drive traffic, why not engage the fine folks on these two social media platforms to draw attention to your site?

7. Join a Blogging Community – There are a number of blogging communities available to post content to. A few popular ones that have been around for a few years are and When you build relationships with other bloggers on these type of sites by sharing stellar quality content the result is usually more shares and lots of traffic.

8. Share on Niche Social Sites – As well as the blogging community sites, there are niche specific blogging sites where you can engage with like-minded folk and share links to your content. And because they are niche specific, the traffic is laser targeted. For general business type articles, try If Internet Marketing is your bag, you might consider

9. Create Tutorials – When you have specific knowledge, as we all do, you should create tutorials in order to help attract visitors to your site. Not only can tutorials attract visitors, those posts can go viral as well. Once you are creating tutorials you can submit them to sites like

10. Guest Posting – Although Google has in the recent past been cracking down on link farms and spammy guest blogging sites, creating guest posts with other reputable sites can do good things for your traffic. As long as you are not spamming and farming links there should be no issues.

11. Create a Blogging Alliance – You should seek out and find other bloggers to share support with. If you are working with other people to promote each other’s blogs, then all of your blogs will benefit as a result. You each share the others content and links to it within your blog.

12. Build Forum Relationships – It may sound old school, that’s because it is. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Forum marketing has helped to direct traffic to forum participants links for over a decade. For many niches, posting in forums and developing relationships can lead to massive traffic back to a site.

13. Buy Solo Ads – While free traffic is a good thing, waiting for it to bring visitors can take a little while some times. When you have content that you want to get eyes on right away, consider buying solo ads. offers solo ads with a safeguard.

14. Ad Swaps – Once you have started establishing yourself online you will hopefully begin to develop relationships with other marketers. Once you do this, you can set up ad swaps with each other. Each of you would send an email to your own list about the others offers in order to bring in traffic and grow your lists.

15. Start a Weekly Newsletter – Once people are interested in your articles, next you can create a weekly newsletter that you can syndicate and offer as an incentive to new subscribers. When people like your personality and how you share lots of high quality content they will want to read everything you write.

16. Host Webinars – Whenever there is an interview webinar done with a very popular guest speaker, traffic will skyrocket because everyone will want to attend that webinar. If you host the webinar, you can draw in tons of legit traffic.

17. Create Videos of Your Posts – There are far more videos watched across social media today than there are articles read. Though they both have their place, video will rule every time. Once you have posted your article, turn right around and turn it into a new YouTube video.

18. Use Banner Ads – I am not talking Google ads, I am talking about you doing a little research and finding niche specific sites that might offer to let you place your banner on their site for a fee. If you’re in it to win it then you will eventually have to spend a penny or two. Contact site owners and ask them if you can advertise on their sites.

19. Create Longer More Informative Posts – When you have longer more informative posts on your site, they tend to draw in more long term traffic to your site. When people see that you are offering a value to their lives they will have a good look around your site for other informative articles.

20. Respond to Comments – Anyone who does read your post will more than likely read the comments section as well. If you are active in the comments it really shows that you care about the content and that you are approachable. You want to develop strong bonds between your audience and your blog. When you respond it draws people in.

21. Google Analytics – Keep track of your traffic in Google Analytics and simply do more of what is bringing in the traffic. You will be able to see which methods are working the best for you. In the morning just have a quick peek at the analytics and see where things stand, schedule your advertising day around that.

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